Car Dealer Compliance Central

The next time you walk onto a car lot with your car loan quotes and other papers in hand, you are as likely as not to find a female sales representative waiting to help you. Some dealerships may add a small percentage to the bill and some may add a large one. Look no further, each of our dealerships are equipped with certified technicians that are ready to fix or maintain your vehicle. When you visit your Mazda Dealership for service, you can count on us to take good care of you and your vehicle.

It might be a great idea for dealerships to consider having a process for handling customers that did not buy with a solid, mandatory follow up plan. As I work with various dealerships all over the nation, I am still amazed at the kind of attitude that I find sales departments showing towards their BDC.

Billy achieves the national dealer of the year for highest sales volume award which is given annually to one dealership in the country. Planet Subaru outside of Boston is putting it’s money where it’s mouth is…and saving money by doing so. Half of Planet Subaru’s 11 acre dealership is a nature preserve.

Louisiana is unique in that they break down their bonding requirements for dealerships based on volume. With a bit of research, people are able to decide which vehicle fits them best without going from dealership to dealership test driving cars and collecting brochures.dealershipdealership

Be a part of one of the most important teams in the dealership – The service department! Service is so profitable that a desperate sales manager will be gracious on a rare loss-leader new car sale (in which the dealership doesn’t make any profit) in hopes that the buyer will come back for repairs and maintenance.dealership