Essay About Online Shopping

Enable online payments for card to be able to pay for purchases at online stores! For retailers who practice this approach, prices are consistent in all formats, and consumers can choose between numerous options: shopping online with home delivery, shopping online and picking up at a store, shopping at a store and taking merchandise away, or shopping at a store and having it delivered to their home.

Measures related to service quality were based on the SERVQUAL scales of Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (1988; 1994a; 1994b), scales related to the shopping experience were based on prior work by Davis (1989) for effort, Webster et al (1991) for playfulness and Moore and Benbasat (1991) for compatibility.internet shoppinginternet shopping

Examination of the model results for intention indicates that five of the individual difference factors yielded statistically significant standardized coefficient estimates – prior Web experience, age, household size, computer attitude, and direct shopping frequency.internet shopping

For example, if a user profile has been created, card details have been supplied and a contract has been signed on iTunes, Apple and Google website, then purchases will be charged to the card according to the contract irrespective of whether or not the card is registered for internet shopping.

For example: If you have opened an account for yourself in the iTunes, Apple or Google environment, entered the card data there and concluded a separate agreement, then in the case of purchases made in this environment your account will also be debited with the corresponding amount even if your card has not been activated for Internet shopping.