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Different Reasons Including Stress That can Cause Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol There are many reasons that can make people start abusing drugs and eventually be addicted to this habit of abusing drugs and alcohol. The mental illnesses can be a huge burden for many people, and they will try so many things so that they can be able to relieve their pains and at some point they can turn to using drugs as a way to ease the pain. Many people can turn to drugs so that they can forget the pain in their body. The mental illnesses is an issue that many people are willing to discuss with either the doctors or the family members, and therefore they can get addicted to using drugs so that they can forget that they are experiencing pain. The drugs will suppress the pain, and you will forget that you have a problem temporary and in the process because of the good feeling you will be addicted to using the drugs so that you can have the same good feeling. The young people are looking up to Family members, the entertainers and many people as their role models and if these people have a habit of using drugs there is a high chance that they might start using the drugs. The content of the entertainment that people are watching in today’s world is full of references to drug users, and this can encourage many people to start the fantasy thinking that it is trendy, and in the process they will be addicted to the lifestyle of drugs and alcoholism. Addiction can start from the family level, and if a family has an addiction, chances are there will be more people from the family who can be pulled into the addiction thinking that it is a good lifestyle. Boredom makes both young and adults to start abusing drugs. The young people can have an addiction problem because they are not so committed and they are not worried about bills and other responsibilities that they have to fulfill. In the world that we are living in, there are many strains and stresses that were not the in the past, and therefore many people can turn to drugs and alcohol so that they can forget the stresses. There are many burdens especially if you have a family that you have to take care of, feed them and basically that they are well taken care of becomes a very stressful situation and so many people might turn to drugs to calm down their mind.
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Some prescriptions from the doctors can make one feel ok as they assume the prescription is from the doctors anyway and so there is no harm in using them. In most cases what works for another person might not work for you and so it is not good to rationalize the use of the prescribed drugs just because it came from a doctor because you can be addicted to taking them. When someone want to fit in with his friends they might start consuming alcohol and drugs.News For This Month: Options