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Brent Cross is North West London’s premier shopping destination and home to over 2,000 leading and designer brands and 120 stylish stores including Fenwick and John Lewis. They do not take up so many building blocks and streets as shopping malls do. Also, they are now usually located inside shopping malls. The facilities of the former train station have been rehabilitated in order to create a modern shopping mall, where you have dozens of shops with the main trademarks, together with leisure facilities like cinemas.shopping mall

Noteworthy as the world’s first multi-megamall, this goliath retail complex also held the distinction of the planet’s largest shopping centre between the years 1985 and 2004. It’s easy to fill your shopping bags at Texas-sized shopping emporium the Galleria in Houston.

Canada’s largest enclosed outlet mall boasts several brand name outlets – such as Guess, Mexx, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levis – in addition to regular non-outlet stores like Ricki’s and Fairweather. After three name changes, the cinematic venue up on Floor Four is known simply as Theatres At Mall Of America.shopping mall

The developers in Hong Kong started to experiment with the possibilities in gaining maximum profits by developing shopping malls together with offices and hotels or with private housing estates. As one could imagine, the advent of such a monstrous mall may have had calamitous consequences for other much smaller shopping centres in Edmonton’s environs.shopping mall

In Hong Kong, railway systems play a role more important than cars do. Figure 8 The MTR and KCR are so influential that most of the commercially successful shopping malls are built on top of the MTR stations or linked to the KCR stations. The Mall is divided into three sections, known as Malls A, B, and C. Mall A, on the south end, is officially named Veterans’ Memorial Plaza; Mall C was dedicated as Strawbridge Plaza in 2003.