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The German media authorities’ licencing and supervision commission ZAK has issued TV licences to two new home shopping broadcasters at its latest assembly in Berlin. Also some TV Shows have own websites were you can watch their episodes online as: Top Gear , South Park , Star Trek and many others. It might not be long before global home shopping giants and other strategic and financial investors start to enter the shopping channels

Soon, TV shopping came to mean a range of products from beauty products to cars sold by channels exclusively set up for the purpose. TV regulator Ofcom has launched an inquiry after 27 complaints were upheld against Bid TV and Price Drop TV. Turn on the TV, though, and you can step into a whole world of shopping designed just for older people.

In December, Bid TV promoted a set of three ‘Granite Outdoor Fleeces’ at a price of £19.99, which was reduced to £16.99 on the channel. Available to new Sky customers taking new contracts for Sky Broadband, Sky Talk and Sky Line Rental without TV. Compatible line required otherwise £20 connection charge may apply.

Overall, many commentators have been optimistic with regards to the prospects for this new shopping channel. For more information visit Tablet: Rogers Anyplace TV Tablet app available to Rogers customers with a compatible device. TV shopping channels gradually attracted those who hated the idea of stepping out into malls and were uncomfortable shopping shopping channels

This, coupled with the operators’ desire to expand their customer base, is bringing high-end fashion brands together with home shopping channels ― until now considered a platform for affordable, lesser-known brands. Broadband TV News covers is the Industry’s No.1 Information Provider bringing news, analysis and comment on the delivery of digital television, around Europe and the shopping channels