Mart Snaps Up Another Online Retailer For $51 Million

For the first time ever, shoppers are going to the web for most of their purchases. This news comes on the heels of Russian retailer Ulmart accepting Bitcoin as well. Again, shoppers don’t want just another retailer.” In a sea of look-alike sites, they want to personally connect with your company. We still sell most of our shoes online but we have realised that there is life left in physical retail,” Fox retaileronline retailer

My experiences with this kind of shopping is somewhat mixed – a list of reliable online retailers can only be a good thing. Dubai: As Gulf Arabs jetted off on their Eid holidays to mark the end of Ramadan on Friday, the region’s online retailers are celebrating a shift to shopping via mobile devices.

This selection of articles focuses on how e-commerce is changing the rules of the retail game and suggests ways an incumbent retailer can emerge as one of the winners. Online retailers have become profit-making monsters in the last decades, and they pose a threat to other industries.

Fatma Al Mulla, an entrepreneur who runs one of a growing number of online cottage industries set up by Gulf women, sees strong orders through the night for her range of clothing and accessories as locals become more nocturnal. Appliances Online has proved that Australians are willing to buy just about anything online, even large, bulky white goods.

His Emaar Malls, which operates Dubai Mall – the luxury mall that accounts for about half of Dubai’s luxury goods spending and is one of the Middle East’s largest shopping centers – said the bid was made in line with the strategy to align e-commerce with physical shopping,” according to the Associated retailer