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Our vision is to make car ownership easy for you, our neighbours, our family and our friends. Dealerships should also encourage consumers to post reviews online about their dealership. I don’t particularly enjoy the look of bewilderment or anger on some customers faces when they see that fee, but we are at least completely up front about it at my dealership along with all other prices.dealershipdealership

Unfortunately this isn’t where dishonesty ends at a lot of car dealerships anyway. The owner of Fuccilo automotive group has four Kia dealerships: Fuccillo Kia of Clay, Fuccillo Kia of Rochester in Greece, New York, Fuccillo Kia of Schenectady and Fuccillo Kia of Cape Coral in Florida.dealership

No matter what your current credit is, stop by or call to speak with our friendly Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships salespeople. Our complete used vehicle inventory can be explored here on our website or by visiting our Hellertown, PA dealership. In most instances, a keeper is placed in a dealership upon the mutual consent of the dealer and the finance company.

The Dealerships that are doing well, adapt to changing market conditions and Customer demands. Finance is the last, best place for the dealership to make some money, so they will not do the paperwork ahead of time unless you ask. Make sure when you check around that you’re calling dealerships that are not affiliated with each other.

If you have the dealership arrange financing, you’ll be paying a higher interest rate than you need to. Most dealerships will tack on a portion of a percentage point to the interest rate on a truck loan they arrange for you. When a new car dealership takes a vehicle in on trade that has more than 75,000 miles on it they typically will send us car to an auction.