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A shopping mall is a modern, chiefly North American, term for a form of shopping precinct or shopping center, in which one or more buildings form a complex of shops representing merchandisers with interconnecting walkways that enable customers to walk from unit to unit. I spent 1 and half day in this mall and yet I did not really visit every single shop. The arrival of shopping malls in the urban centre is, of course, not necessarily a bad thing. Therefore, in order to gain maximum profits, the developers always develop private housing estates or complexes with shopping malls occupying the first 15 metres, after discovering the commercial potential of the malls in the 80s.shopping mall

Citiyplaza in Taikoo Shing is a typical example of shopping mall acting as the centre of the residential development Figure 10. In the beginning, retail merchants were doubtful about opening their shops in the outlying places, as we discussed in the last section about the first department store moving into the New Town Plaza in Sha Tin.

Tapi blh bargain lg. Kalau nk yg berkualiti, better cari di kedai Silk yang sebenar…dalam mall atau sekitar Khao San Road, Pratunam , etc. Located across the street from the more upscale shopping promenade, The Americana. Kringlan is the largest shopping centre in Reykjavík and the second largest in Iceland.

Retailers and shopping-center owners are gathering in Las Vegas this week prepared to send a message: The demise of the American mall has been greatly exaggerated. Therefore, it is included here as an example showing how the shopping malls has been developing in Hong Kong.shopping mall

While it’s technically not a mall, there is plenty of shopping to be done at the Miami International Airport Whether it’s a last minute souvenir, luxury goods or duty free purchases, it’s not a bad way to kill some time before your flight. If we adopt the idea that ‘community’ is not a place but a set of social ties 56 , the shopping malls have been breaking down the social ties in the neighbourhood.shopping mall