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The Different Type Of Natural Products That Are Used In Making Of The Men’s Dress Socks Other than protecting and keeping the feet warm, dress socks should also serve as an accessory to your outfit. If you want to look your best, among the many styles and designs, you have to take you time to find a dress socks that will compliment that outfit you are wearing. The natural fiber socks are warmer and softer compared to the synthetic type. It is no wonder that they are more costly, compared to those made of synthetic materials. Discussed are the natural material used in the making of the natural product. Cotton dress socks Cotton is one of the products used to make the dress socks despite the fact that it does not have similar insulation qualified found in most natural fibers. However, its ability to breath easily is what makes it suitable for warmer climates. Dress socks made using this product use pima or merchandised material which is a product that is not only durable but also soft. These products also display a silk-like sheen that could be used to highlight knit designs or shade that can be interesting.
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Bamboo fiber dress socks
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The socks made using bamboo fiber are light weight and attractive this is what makes it an alternative to the cotton brand. The material is mixed with a small percentage of synthetic material when making the dress socks so that it can produce a product that is suitable for the summer weather. The other attractive quality about this product is that it has a stunning silk-like appearance which is only grasped in expensive fabrics. However, individuals who have sweaty feet do not like using this product as it is known to trap moisture. Wool material Of all the materials both natural and synthetic, wool is the one that is known to have a high rate of insulation. It is this factor that makes the product ideal in the making of the winter socks. However, the type of wool that is preferable in making dress socks is the one that comes from Merino sheep. The product from this sheep is not only soft, but it is resilient. Dress socks made of wool are warm, gentle and ideal for the cold season. Among the socks made using natural material the one made of wool is cost efficient. Angora and Cashmere type The dress socks made of the cashmere and angora material have a sheen that is silk like and is also soft. These products have an attractive insulation characteristics. For those looking for a quality product to use during the winter time, then they should get this product. since the product is of good quality it can be a bit costly.