Shopping Centre

Spacious, modern and air conditioned, Abu Dhabi’s malls are a welcome escape from the summer heat and offer a world of choice when it comes to shopping. This is the reason why most of the prominent malls in the urban centre are connected to the MTR network. Namun baru-baru ini mall ini diperbesar dengan menambah luas bangunan dan memasukkan gerai-gerai internasional ke dalamnya untuk mendongkrak kemewahan mall ini.

The shopping centres look better in appearance, and the class and qualities of the commodities sold inside go higher and better. It included promoting the names or brands of their malls in mass media and associating certain lifestyle and social status with the malls by advertising and marketing.

The site on which the mall was built played host to the Twin Cities’ major sports venue, Metropolitan Stadium, between 1956 and 1981. Since most of the shopping malls belonged to the government and the real estate developers who owned the lands and the properties, they were less prone to being shut down.

Despite the shopping malls, where rules of personal conduct are enforced and visitors being monitored, are not formal public spaces, they belong to the public domain where an exchange between different social groups is possible and also actually occurs, defined by Maarten Hajer and Arnold Reijndorp.

QuickStats is the source for Shopping center industry-related data produced or collected by the Research Department. But customer traffic started to slow more than a decade ago, several department stores abandoned their leases, and the mall started mallshopping mallshopping mall