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Mt Kenya: Why It’s So Important To Kenyans

Life and mountains are similar in that in both you are exposed to a number of obstacles. If you are well motivated though you’d be surprised at how far you are willing to go and with Mt Kenya you are getting the total package. Only a four kilometer drive from Nairobi stands the all so robust mountain, more like God’s Mountain. Five thousand one hundred and ninety nine is her measurement lengthwise just incase you need to know. She represents the virgin beauty that has not yet being exhausted all the while maintaining her glorious fauna in her bosom. She stands tall, rough and unbowed and seduces you at first sight. Her pride lies on the three peaks Batian, Nelion and Lenana. Her invitation to sine with her in the castle of flora and fauna is an opportunity that you want to grab. It is going to be hard only now the only thing on your mind id when you will get started.

There are several routes that you can take to get to the peak. Among the most preferred routes are Naru Moru, Simiron and Chogoria. This may be attributed to the fact that they offer you the scenery of a lifetime. The temperature drops to negative ten degrees celcius as you approach point Lenana. The Chogoria route is the best if waterfalls and all matters nature fits your bill. You are probably going to take more time than others to get to the peak but you’ll definitely have something to write home about. If you interested in feeling the expedition you might want a guide with you as they understand the geography and make the experience come alive.

You can never go wrong with a four wheel drive. Natural just went digital with guide websites being available presently to carter for your needs. With a good guide you are guaranteed of a cook, food , a place to stay and porters and they are good at getting this things organized in time. The payments are very manageable and increase with the increases in the number of days you will be staying, The accommodation huts have a spectacular views through which you can admire the scenery while waiting to ascend or descend. A safari may be in order if you are banking on a more comprehensive experience. There you can experience a day in the wild in a scene resembling that of the lion king animation not to mention real live wild animals.
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The real query that everyone has is what Mt Kenya offers differently. The higher you go the cooler it becomes literally. The fact that you get to see elephants , black rhinos, buffalos, elephants and antelopes couldn’t be a better incentive that at only two hundred and twenty eight square meters. The vegetation and trees assume the nature of those in the Scottish highlands. Peak Lenana serves for normal trekking but for those who just want to push the limits you could go all the way to Batian.News For This Month: Vacations