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Prevention Measures for Flea and Ticks in Pets

Pets will always have a dear place in our hearts. Pets could come third to us after our spouses and children. Reasons why pets can be so dear to us is because pets naturally show us more affection than most of our closest friends. Pets are also known to show peculiar trust and loyalty to their owners more than human friends can possibly exhibit. As humans we tend to love back more when we are shown these two cards of loyalty and trust. For this reason, pets will always be close to our hearts. Pets that are commonly kept are birds, dogs, monkeys and cats. Dogs and cats however, stand out in proving their loyalty to their owners.

Given the fact that pets are very close to us, their bother is as much our bother. The greatest bother in cats and dogs are the pests. These pests include fleas and ticks and cause numerous problems such as spread of diseases, itching and irritation among others.

Seeing the challenges that these pests pose, we need to find a way of keeping them away from our pets. A good choice should aim at ensuring that the pests are eliminated while at the same time the health of the pet is protected. Some of those ways include tick and flea prevention methods such as the tick and flea drops, the dog flea and tick pills and the flea and tick collar prevention methods.
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Oral medication can be used to prevent flea and ticks in dogs whereby chewable pills are administered to the dogs to be protected. The chewable pills ensure that your pet is protected for a given time span. These pills are usually specific to the stages of growth of your pet and as such care should be taken to ensure that the right pill is given to the right age-group of your dogs. Finally for dogs, you can also use flea and tick drops as a way of pest prevention.
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For cats, pest prevention can be done by use of two main methods: the flea and tick drops and the use of flea and tick collars. In cats, the flea and tick drops are administered in a similar way as they are to dogs. For flea and tick collars however, special collars are put on the neck of the pet. The collar works by systematically releasing portions of pesticide to the head and neck regions of the pet thereby killing any pests present. To get the best collar for your feline pet, it is important to consider going through a number of flea and tick collar reviews. The reviews can be accessed from the internet.