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Proper Maintenance Routine For Luxury Watches

When talking about luxury or expensive watches, it can be said that every piece is a work of art and for that, it needs proper care to be sure that it is going to run for the next generations. Watch is quite a complex thing and it calls for lots of attention and to be able to take care of it properly, there are several things needed to be done like:

Number 1. Storage – it’s the most important thing to be considered with regards to owning a luxury watch. Moisture is pretty harmful when you are storing the watch for extended period of time and therefore, when planning to keep it for long, be sure that you store it in a place that is moisture free and dry. If you want to, you may also make use of a moisture absorbent silica gel.

Number 2. Protection – like what the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and this is very true when it comes to your watch’s case. Despite the fact that premium watches are well equipped with shock absorbing features, still it is recommended to protect it from any kind of jerks and shocks, which may potentially damage the internal parts. If you have an automatic watch for instance, try wearing it on a regular basis.

Number 3. Regular servicing – regardless of how well you take care and maintain your designer watches, it will still call for regular servicing. In such, it will include thorough cleaning, checkup and lubrication. Say for example that the watch is worn regularly, then servicing it at least every 3 years will do. As you visit any authorized service center, it is your job to ensure that they are thoroughly servicing your watch.

And whether you believe it or not, by performing a routine service on men’s luxury watches, it guarantees that all the mechanical parts inside the watch are properly functioning. Reputable watchmakers ensure as well that the gasket responsible for its water resistance feature are in great shape and if ever they found any flaws in it, they’ll equip the case with a new one to make sure that the buckle and case are revamped like a new one.

Number 4. Usage – you being the wearer has the total responsibility of taking care of luxury watches for men and these compose of various things such as wipe off seat from the backside of watch using a dry cotton cloth, avoid exposing the device to water while the crown is in out position, never operate the day and/or date display function within 10pm and 2am and so forth. You can prolong the life of your luxury watch by doing so.

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