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Things to Consider When Leasing a Copy Machine for Office Use

When the time comes you have to find a new copier for your office use, you must understand that the best and most practical decision is to lease one. However, leasing a copy machine isn’t as easy and straightforward as you believe it is. Obviously, there are certain factors you need to consider so that you’ll end up choosing a copy machine that will improve your productivity and efficiency in the office.

So, it makes sense to consider these things first before you sign a contract to lease an office copy machine:

1 – Cost Comparison
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It can’t be denied that the price when leasing a copy machine for office use is the most important factor you are to consider. This is because most offices, including yours would want to save on expenses as much as possible to cover other operational costs. However, do not just pick the cheapest offer out there because you might end up leasing a copier that doesn’t really address your needs for it.
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2 – Copy Speed

If your office is in need of equipment that can copy large volumes in a short span of time, then it only means you need a copier that has substantial speed (pages per minute). For moderate copying needs, a machine that can perform 25-45 pages per minute is more than enough; but for those that need to copy large volumes in a short time, they have to lease a copier that can do at least 45 pages per minute. But obviously, you’ll have to pay a higher price for a copier with a better copy speed.

3 – Copy Machine Compatibility

In the earlier days of leasing copy machines, compatibility was not a big deal. However, advanced and highly sophisticated machines might not instantly work with your current setup, including your computer network and software. So, before signing a lease, you first have to figure out if your current setup can easily integrate the new equipment. Now in case it isn’t compatible, it only means you have to find other options.

4 – Technical Support

No matter how expensive or advanced the copy machine is, you still must understand that it’ll experience some type of problem after regular use. As such, it wouldn’t make any sense if you go on to lease a copy machine even after learning that it doesn’t come with customer support. Without support, it means you’ll be compelled to look for someone else to fix it whenever it becomes problematic.

At the end of the day, the decision to opt for copy machine leasing is most likely brought by the fact that your office does not have enough money to purchase a new copier, at least for now.