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Blue Sky is the intrinsic value of an automobile dealership, over and above the value of its tangible assets. This processes helped one dealership that I worked with do an additional 8 units one month. If you are towed into a dealership by a heavy wrecker for a repair, pay the bill yourself. Sidebar: New car dealership revenues reached almost One Trillion Dollars in 2004.

It might be a great idea for dealerships to consider having a process for handling customers that did not buy with a solid, mandatory follow up plan. As I work with various dealerships all over the nation, I am still amazed at the kind of attitude that I find sales departments showing towards their BDC.

However, very few dealerships out there are leveraging these resources to engage their customers on the phone. Along with that, dealerships selling different types of vehicles, or even different volumes of vehicles, may have different bonding requirements.

Given the same situation but where the consumer doesnÂ’t mention the trade, the dealership might offer an initial $500 discount from the $20,000. However, I fault him for not being aware of deceptive practices like this occurring at one of his many dealerships.dealershipdealershipdealership

Fred Haas Toyota Country is a full-service Toyota dealership with daily specials in all five of our award-winning departments. Precaution: You might want to consider making a profile that is related to the dealership for follow up purposes and avoid using a personal one for many reasons.